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The Snowball Effect
Did you know that serving and volleying is similar to a snowball going down a hill, picking up speed and increasing in size. In this article, I break down the three main components of the serve and volley and how each shot builds upon itself.
The Greatest Tennis Rallies
Topspin Tennis' Aleksejus Podpruginas brings us one of his literal masterpieces covering some of the best rallies of all time. From the grass courts of Wimbledon to the searing hard courts of the Australian Open. No surface is immune to the longest rallies in tennis history.
A Star Is Born
Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovič, Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova are well known to us as adults. But the path to their success' started many years before they got their first ranking point. We at Topspin decided to collect a few videos of the stars before they shined bright.
Get Low Before You Go On The Return Of Serve In Tennis
The return of serve is instrumental in achieving positive results on the tennis court. What are the game's best doing to win high percentage of return games? In this article, I highlight three things that you can do now to improve your service return.
The Power Of Steady In Tennis
How important is it to be steady and balanced in tennis?  What are the pros doing that allow them to receive the ball in the best manner possible?  I break down several key points in the this article.
How can doubles help your singles game in tennis?
I find that many players shun any opportunity to play doubles. Make it a goal to complement your singles game by playing more doubles.  Here are six reasons why doubles will benefit your singles game.
The Dink Shot In Tennis
One shot that is often overlooked and rarely worked on is the dink shot.  I don't like to call it a drop shot because a drop shot usually requires more spin and precision.
How To Beat A Pusher In Tennis
One of the most difficult players to compete against is the dreaded PUSHER!  They hit with no pace, they get every ball back and wait for your to make a mistake.  
How To Beat The Power Baseliner In Tennis
Playing against the Power Baseliner can be one of the toughest task in tennis.  Their relentless pressure and punishing ground strokes can put a strain on any player's game.  How can affecting their strike zone get you a win.  What types of shots would they rather not see?  I give you six tennis tips on beating this nemesis.
Beating An Opponent Who Is Better Than You In Tennis
Lukas Rosol of the Czech Republic had one of the biggest upsets in Open history with his 5 set victory over Rafael Nadal in the 2nd round of the 2012 Wimbledon Championships. In this article, I break down how he did it and how you can beat an opponent who is better than you.
How To Beat A Grinder In Tennis
A Grinder in tennis is one of the toughest opponents, right up there with a Pusher. Here are six tennis tips on how to beat one of your toughest opponents.
Can You Hit A Reverse Forehand?
The Reverse Forehand is seen as a necessity in the modern game of tennis.  Can you hit the shot?  I break down why it's so effective and how players are hitting this shot.
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What Is The Significance Of The Tennis Split Step?
The Tennis Split Step is second nature for those on the tour.  For a novice tennis player, it can often times be overlooked and can be crucial to improved movement. In this article, I ask 3 important questions and offer some tennis tips on mastering the movement.
Tennis Mental Toughness Between Points
What is the percentage of time that is actually spent playing out points in a match? The number will stun you. What are some things you can do between points that can give you the slight edge? How did grand slam champ Steffi Graf seperate herself from her competitors in the heat of battle?
Five Ways To Impose Your Game Onto Your Opponents
This article is Part 1 of a 5 Part Series on "How To Impose Your Game Onto Your Opponents." I list 3 reasons why you want to learn how to play tennis from behind the baseline.

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Your Child's Biggest Fan
Too many kids in sport are quitting early at an alarming rate. Much of burden falls on the shoulders of the parents. In this article, Brad Kayden of Jelly Bean Sports takes a in depth look at what parents can do to make children's experience in sport healthy and fun!
Five Keys To Hitting An Dynamite Drop Shot In Tennis
Every tennis player needs to have a drop shot in their game. In this tennis tip I break down the 5 keys to a Dynamite Drop Shot.

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Can a lob be an offensive shot?
In this article I pose the question, "Can a lob be an offensive shot?" My thought is absolutely it can be offensive. It's often times overlooked and under utilized. I give you 7 scenarios where a lob can be offensive and how you too can use this shot to help improve your singles and doubles game.

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Five Secrets to a Lethal Tennis Volley
Justine Henin took her game up to another level in 2010 with her ability to finish points at the net. Here are 5 tennis tips to a lethal volley in tennis.

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