The Dink Shot In Tennis

One shot that is often overlooked and rarely worked on is the dink shot. I don’t like to call it a drop shot because a drop shot usually requires more spin and precision.

The dink is often used in volleyball. The player shows that she is going to spike the ball, the defense backs up to defend, and then the spiker dinks the ball over the net, landing it short. The same shot can be duplicated in tennis.

Here are the characteristics of a dink shot and when it should be used.

1) A dink shot is blunt type hit with little to no back spin.

2) You want your weight moving forward on the shot.

3) This is still a “feel shot” even though there isn’t much spin imparted on the ball.

Photo courtesy of Marianne Bevis

The dink shot is very effective in doubles when you want to drop the ball at your opponent’s feet. Especially off of return of serve. It can also be used in singles or doubles when both players/teams are at the net and you want to neutralize your opponent(s) by keeping the ball low. You aren’t necessarily trying to hit a winner, you are attempting to put your opponents in a defensive position, forcing them to pop the ball up, putting you in an offensive position.